The All New

Today we are introducing the All New This is our answer to the road of Trisyia in Idola Kecil 4. It is not just an upgrade but a whole new website altogether, a total reboot to the most creative artist page ever implemented. We even deleted most of the pages from the previous website and added couple of revamped features including Social Network integration and Guestbook / Chatroom.


Fadli (Feekir Co-Founder) in the Special July Presentation

Up to 1.5x Faster. Less Waiting. More Exciting

With the new Codename Alice server and caching technology, eventhough it is packed with graphics that is up to 5 times larger in size, the website actually runs up to 1.5x faster than it previously did. One of the things that we thought was pretty tough to make is a website with stunning graphics to run fast at the same time. It seems like it has been solved with this new caching technology. also has a new revamped look. Although currently that it is not unique to the website; it has all the basics that we needed to make it more and more powerful in terms of web usability. It runs HTML 5 which runs the new web technology standards that makes a website compatible in all devices including iPad, Galaxy Tab and even mobile devices like the iPhone.

Shortforms were also introduced to support Trisyia in the Social Media industry. The problem with pages on Facebook or Twitter is that the URLs are not memorable (at least not easily). Now you can access Trisyia’s Social Networks with simpler urls: for Facebook and for Twitter.

We hope that you like the new website as much as we love developing it. Thank you for your support!


I love this new website look! =D

ni farra

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